IQOO 7 Legend Exclusive First Look | Ultimate Flagship Killer | Ft.Gagan Arora🔥🔥🔥
Namaskaar Dosto, yeh ek khaas video hai #iQOO7Series ka poori #TGFamily ke liye jaha pe maine baat ki hai iQOO India ke Director, Mr. Gagan Arora se aur discuss kiya hai iQOO 7 Series ke baare mein ek exclusive video mein aur humne bahut se plans discuss kiye hai IQOO India ke baare mein aur saath mein hi iQOO 7 Series ke phone iQOO 7 Legend BMW Edition ke baare mein jiski price 40,000INR se kam hogi aur isme hai Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Octacore Processor. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video pasand aayegi.

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  • Technical Guruji
    Technical Guruji

    Exclusive hamesha #TGFamily ke liye...Jaldi se Like aur Share kardo dosto...

    • lovely photo editz
      lovely photo editz

      Sir aap DSLR camera 📸 ka give away kro

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      twhid islam rahat

      Dada mujhe ek mobile gift dije

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      Dwip Das

      Dada OnePlus 9pro gift koro amke

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      Lolly Singh

      Unboxing गुरु घंटाल को 👎👎👎👎

    • Lolly Singh
      Lolly Singh

      नही करे अनबॉक्सिंग गुरु घंटाल 👎

  • Kuldeep Pandey , sec -B , 2010
    Kuldeep Pandey , sec -B , 2010

    Good specs

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar

    What about serive center bro..

  • Rahul Prajapati
    Rahul Prajapati

    When you will ask the brand promoters the real question about products like Why they are not giving android one ui? How many updates will it get? What is the after sales service about the brand? What is the SAR value to of the phone, why it is high? Ois on front camera. Bas brand se paise le ke video bna do for like and subs.

  • arpita netam
    arpita netam

    I Love mobile phone


    Hamko iqq 3lena hai abhi thik hai ya ruko

  • kana kodiyatar
    kana kodiyatar

    nice video sir

  • K20 Pro
    K20 Pro

    sir this phont vivo sub braend. not meck in india

  • Nikhil Goudar
    Nikhil Goudar

    Nice phone

  • ATAULLA Chauhan
    ATAULLA Chauhan


  • Mori Rushabh sinh
    Mori Rushabh sinh

    #iqoo 7 dedo

  • shakeel mohammed
    shakeel mohammed

    Superb features, SD 888 under 40 K.. Great.!



  • Naveen Surpur
    Naveen Surpur

    Love TG❤️

  • YouTube SAITAMA
    YouTube SAITAMA

    I am using #IQOO3

  • jågdîsh Suthar
    jågdîsh Suthar

    Bahut sahi Mobile he👍❤️

  • Dinesh Barwal
    Dinesh Barwal

    Mast video ❤️

  • madhav singh yadav
    madhav singh yadav

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  • The Haro
    The Haro

    Design main maja nhi aaya

  • Noor Alam
    Noor Alam


  • Shyam sundar patidar
    Shyam sundar patidar

    Mst phone he

  • Yummzy Food
    Yummzy Food

    I love iqoo but I don't like selling partner iqoo7 every time out of stock different mobiles

  • Mohammed adil Kan
    Mohammed adil Kan

    This mobile is premium and it is given to premium person

  • Bokul From Bangladesh
    Bokul From Bangladesh

    Love from Bangladesh

  • Ajay Solanki
    Ajay Solanki


  • Dashing kaka #
    Dashing kaka #

    Deja yrr phone sanu v

  • Hemaraju Donka
    Hemaraju Donka

    @TGFamily 3 999/-

  • cool monkey
    cool monkey

    y r thy only showing backside of phone 🙄 y shud we waste our tym

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit

    Loved it 🔥❤️

  • shahid seoni
    shahid seoni

    Watching on my iqoo 3

  • nitin singh
    nitin singh

    Abe chomy. 3rd grade quality product use karte ho

  • Sameer Chandan
    Sameer Chandan

    Snapdragon 888 🥵🥵🥵

  • Anita Sahu
    Anita Sahu

    Processor is very good

  • DNA GamingYT
    DNA GamingYT

    I have iq003 and it is really very nice ❤️ and now iq007 is coming really excited 😊


    Sir iqoo Neo 5 kb aayega

  • uday kiran kandhala
    uday kiran kandhala

    I just love it @kandhalauday

  • San-Tech Knowledge
    San-Tech Knowledge

    Under 40k means 39,990 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sachin Kumar Raghav
    Sachin Kumar Raghav

    I want the phone for my brother birthday

  • Rinkesh Singhaniya
    Rinkesh Singhaniya

    Vivo and iqoo are equals

  • Jackson Jude
    Jackson Jude

    Nice style good camera and powerful processor

  • Sangam Raj
    Sangam Raj

    Agar aap really customer ki sunte ho gagan ji. Really iqoo will be killer in market. Because Xiaomi is not giving all in one pack.means something cons in every device..poor miui

  • SHIVAM shiv
    SHIVAM shiv

    chipseat 888

  • prashant dalai
    prashant dalai

    Under 40k be like 39999

  • abbas ali
    abbas ali

    Nice phone with BMW m stripe and I hope its definitely have a snap dragon processsor

  • Saif

    Tum logo giveaway apne hi kisi aadami ko de dete ho gaya subscriber ko dete ho ye sab sirf view aur follwers bhagane ka tarika hai jo bahut youtuber karte hai

  • Aman Raj
    Aman Raj

    This is a good performing phone

  • Sumeet Makne
    Sumeet Makne

    🔥🔥 GURUJI oP ...

  • Sunny Yadav
    Sunny Yadav

    Sir screen shot le liya mane

  • Uday Choudhary
    Uday Choudhary

    IQOO is coming soon .... Yes. 😘

  • Mayank Chandrawanshi
    Mayank Chandrawanshi

    And aslo sir I am from Bihar I also know you work hard and you do best. And litrelly when I wake early in morning first saw your video and notification thnku sir for be the technical guruji❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Mayank Chandrawanshi
    Mayank Chandrawanshi

    Sir I am big fa of you and I love íQ kas can I get this device



  • Action movies all hindi
    Action movies all hindi

    Ek achcha phone 😁

  • Mohd Meezan
    Mohd Meezan

    Such a beautiful premium phone

  • Ronak Pun
    Ronak Pun

    Atleast battery size should be 4500 mah You have told its gaming oriented phone And the battery back up is not that good. Even indian variant iqoo 7 legend only have 66 watt charger. I m quite disappointed and i have changed my mind to buy this If there was 120 watt charger in the box in indian variant legend .I would surely bought this

  • Leela ram
    Leela ram


  • Pkm classes
    Pkm classes

    😆😅😂 *Absolutely Right Sir*

  • pubg gameg channel
    pubg gameg channel


  • Devesh Kumar panday
    Devesh Kumar panday

    Amazing killer's #TGFAMILY #IQOO7SERIES

  • deepak yadav
    deepak yadav

    Very good

  • Akbar Ali
    Akbar Ali



    hope i win thx for giveaway


    Super deal sir osm sir

  • Cᴋ᭄乂 PÅNTHÊRs࿐
    Cᴋ᭄乂 PÅNTHÊRs࿐

    I am iqoo 3 user 1 1 time 5 to 6 seconds strike

  • Mr Austin YT
    Mr Austin YT

    Iqooo bhaiiiii

  • Mainuddin Ali
    Mainuddin Ali

    I have made my mind for IQOO 7

  • Mostak Hussain
    Mostak Hussain

    Iqoo best

  • Pradum Kumar
    Pradum Kumar


  • technology tharepy
    technology tharepy

    26 april lunched

  • technology tharepy
    technology tharepy

    I buy iqoo 7 legend

  • swati Chandra
    swati Chandra

    Who bored from iqoo ad

  • Rupesh Pawar
    Rupesh Pawar

    Iqoo 3 is really good phone, i am using iy


    I'm setting Gaurav Bhai 🥰🥰🥰


    Bro what should I buy IQ or vivo x60 pro

  • K_S_ Gaming
    K_S_ Gaming

    Guruji sir yrr me aap ka bohot bada fan hu and I m gamer I like pubg but no phone I wanna join on this giveaway pls sir ......❤️❤️❤️❤️


    8:42 Is the news u came here for . Price of IQOO7 legend edition price (under 40000)

  • Deepen Thapa
    Deepen Thapa

    iqoo 7 ❤️

  • Rahul Maurya
    Rahul Maurya

    Worrying about L1, L2 and L3 support

  • VIDEO S Green screen status
    VIDEO S Green screen status

    Super. This phone is on

  • Mahendra Wahulkar
    Mahendra Wahulkar

    Nice Very Nice 👍❤️

  • Divyansh Mudgal
    Divyansh Mudgal


  • Udbhav Singh
    Udbhav Singh

    Best phone

  • Bharat Singh Rao
    Bharat Singh Rao

    Please expand your service centers

  • Rexer Ace
    Rexer Ace

    I want it 😭

  • Ayushman Beriha
    Ayushman Beriha

    Sir I want to win it

  • Gopal Verma
    Gopal Verma

    So awesome 😎

  • Arjun Putheyathu
    Arjun Putheyathu

    IQOO deliver quality smartphones. They just don't launch same spec smartphones every month. Wait for your time and then launch a killer phone. IQOO 7 is simply awesome ❤️.

  • Sankha Pan
    Sankha Pan

    Battery is low.. Very low.. 4000mah not worthy.. Comparing rog phones

  • Abhinav Verma
    Abhinav Verma

    kiku sharda (lacha from kapil sharma show) is the director of iqoo now

  • GAmER YT
    GAmER YT

    please can you gift me Iqoo 7pleaeaeaeas

  • Shaurya


  • Ubaid Ullah
    Ubaid Ullah

    They will be better than OnePlus , i dk why ..

  • Saharsh mangal
    Saharsh mangal

    I'll try to be all respectful about this but when 'tg' is saying the 'information' was about the 'consumers', I think I speak for a major portion of the tech community - GHANTA!

  • Pritam Gaurav
    Pritam Gaurav

    Awesome video

  • Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar

    Yes ek acha smartphone i love electronics device

  • Krishna Rathod
    Krishna Rathod

    Kileer all brand and waiting ✋big Bettry 4500kar do bas baki me dekh luga 😄😁😁😁😆😆😆😄😄😄

  • Vinod Saini
    Vinod Saini

    Really need something good for my daughter's study

  • prince

    This phone is very NYC

  • Eshwar KR
    Eshwar KR


  • prakash Choudhary
    prakash Choudhary